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Whether for farmers, agricultural businesses, consulting firms, or research centres the world over, METOS® monitoring systems are manufactured to a uniformly high standard to handle even the most extreme weather conditions.

We started with innovation and passion

METOS® instruments transfer data directly to the Internet onto the password-protected platform fieldclimate.com, or to a PC or other data carrier by GSM modem, radio or infrared port.

In this way, METOS® monitoring systems not only solve the core task of reliable data collection but also the more important question of direct data communication. Since 1988, Pessl Instruments have been producing electronic devices for businesses in agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, and fruit-growing; for consulting firms; for agri-traders and mechanics for agricultural machinery; for environmental and hydrological projects. We started with weather stations for scab and grapevine downy mildew alerts.