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Weather Stations | Soil Moisture Management | Crop Disease Monitoring | Local Micro-Climate Monitoring

METOSĀ® is a combination of cost-saving monitoring technology, reliable data transfer, a precise early-warning system, and proven crop protection models by which input can be reduced and the yield increased

  • Weather Stations

    iMETOSĀ® weather stations are universal devices that can be equipped with up to 80 sensors, depending on the design and your needs.

  • Soil Moisture Management

    Water is a valuable asset not just in arid zones. That is why, in agriculture, the question often arises (and rightly so) whether water is used sensibly

  • Crop Disease Monitoring

    For 20 years, Pessl Instruments GmbH has been engaged in the question of how best to use weather information for crop protection

  • Local Micro-Climate Monitoring

    General weather forecasts are a good thing, but they are hardly ever accurate. Forecasts of agricultural offices cover regions that are far too large.